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When stumbling upon this website you might be disappointed to find I’m not the Robert Barron you’re looking for. When growing up I thought it quite possible I was the only person on the planet with my name but I eventually discovered this was not the case.

Not the Robert Barron you're looking for.
This is not the Robert Barron you’re looking for.

Well, obviously I was not the only Robert Barron in the world. My full name is Robert James Barron, Jr. So my father was also a Robert Barron. I once referred to him as Robert Barron, Sr. He made it known there was no “Senior” on his birth certificate. Indeed there was not.

Many years ago I received a phone call from the probation officer. Apparently, I needed to pay him a visit. The only problem is, I’ve never been charged with a crime, much less convicted. I’m not sure what my doppelganger did to warrant such attention. It certainly was not my father!

After moving to California we started to receive emails about a mortgage application for another Robert Barron moving to California. The bank insisted there was no way we could be receiving the emails incorrectly until we read them some of the details which no one would want us to have. They quickly fixed the glitch after that. The really strange part of all of this? That Robert Barron was married to a woman name Penny. What. Are. The. Odds?

Mind Blown
Mind Blown
Robert Barron Peak
Robert Barron Peak

While on vacation in Alaska, Penny and I toured the visitor’s center at Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau. By chance, a glance at the large relief map (I love maps) of the area caught my eye. It included a mountain peak name that looked strangely familiar, Robert Barron Peak. Turns out Robert Barron was the name of a fish canning company executive’s son in Alaska in the early 1900’s. The son’s middle name was also James, which makes the match all the more unlikely. Unfortunately, this Robert died at a young age while training to be a pilot during World War I.

At a company I worked for in the past they hired another programmer named Robert Barron. How unlikely is that? Thankfully we tended to work in different areas of the organization and building, so there was little confusion.

Bishop Robert Barron
Holier than me

All of these other Robert Barrons and myself fail to crack Google’s top 10 search results. That honor goes to Bishop Robert Barron of the Catholic Church in southern Minnesota. He’s fluent in English, French, German, Spanish and Latin. I took both French and Latin in school years ago, so we have that in common. But Bishop Barron runs his own Catholic ministry, hosted a TV show, has a YouTube channel and has over a million followers on Facebook to say nothing of having risen in rank just a few steps below the Pope. Truthfully, the parallels between us kind of stopped after our birth certificates were filled out.

So, I hope this clears up any confusion for those of you looking for some other Robert Barron. It’s not me you’re looking for, particularly if you’re a probation officer.

P.S. Not a Robert Barron confusion, but in case anyone saw this on TV when watching a Texas Longhorns football game recently, no this was not me. Jahdae Barron is a DB on the Longhorn team.

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