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USS Potomac

On November 4, 2023, Penny and I visited the USS Potomac and sailed around San Francisco Bay on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s yacht. Known as the floating White House, it is an historic landmark docked in Oakland, California. The ship … Continue reading

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The Littles

We got more cats. Penny saw these two at the local pet food supply store and took a liking to them. Though not siblings, they were a bonded pair and thus far no one had committed to taking both. After … Continue reading

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Best Christmas Shows

Penny and I have a set of Christmas shows we watch frequently around the holidays. Some of these titles are watched on a yearly basis. It’s become something of a tradition. Following the example of my best Christmas songs post, … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Songs

There are countless Christmas songs available today, and more are being made every year. Many of the popular songs have been re-recorded numerous times. With such a large number to chose from it might seem tough to pick out the … Continue reading

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Robert Barron, The Original

February 4, 2022 is the fourth anniversary of my father’s death. Although I’ve written about other Robert Barrons before, he was the “original” Robert Barron to me since I was a mere “Junior”. I once tried to affix “Senior” to … Continue reading

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Other Robert Barrons

When stumbling upon this website you might be disappointed to find I’m not the Robert Barron you’re looking for. When growing up I thought it quite possible I was the only person on the planet with my name but I … Continue reading

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Calling All COBOL Programmers

My first paying job out of college in the early 1990’s was working for a company that made COBOL compilers and runtimes. Even then the language was something of a relic and there were frequent predictions about its eventual demise. … Continue reading

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Basic Azure SQL Performance

In order to consolidate some websites onto one platform I had plans to move my outdoor sites to Azure. None of my sites are particularly large in terms of load so I figured a B1 app instance and a Basic … Continue reading

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Emergency Lessons – Don’t Wait

This article is one of a series of posts that emerged due to the 2017 wildfires that ravaged California wine country near our home. Emergencies don’t wait for you to be prepared before they spring up. They have their own … Continue reading

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Goodbye Google+

Well, it’s been on its way out for some time, but I finally got around to removing the share on Google+ button from my outdoor sites (Texas Hiking, Austin Explorer and Hiking Trailhead). It seems like it was only yesterday … Continue reading

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