You may not know it by looking at me, but I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.  I just wish I could find more time in which to enjoy them.

Hiking and Geocaching are my favorites.  Actually, I’ve enjoyed each so much that I combined my love of computers with each by creating a series of websites that cover activities for these and some other pursuits.

Site Name Description
Austin Explorer Hiking, Geocaching, historic sites and cemeteries in and around Austin, TX
Hiking Trailhead Hiking trails around the world
Hill Country Explorer Hiking trails, historic sites and cemeteries in the Texas Hill Country
Texas Hiking Hiking trails in Texas

Each of these sites are also the means by which I learned how to do web programming.  Thus far no job I have ever held involved web programming, so there was really no other way to pick up some of the techniques other than playing with them in my spare time at home.

Though I live in the SF Bay Area now the large number of sites pertaining to Texas highlight the 29 years I lived in Austin, TX.

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