The Littles

We got more cats. Penny saw these two at the local pet food supply store and took a liking to them. Though not siblings, they were a bonded pair and thus far no one had committed to taking both. After a couple of visits to the store and still seeing them there Penny decided something needed to be done about it.

Meet (l-r) Oliver (Ollie) and Sylvester (Sly). Their shortened names make them sound like little gangsters. Very apt.

They are a bonded pair, so they are best buds. Often sleeping together and more often play fighting with each other.

A feline version of yin yang. Ollie really likes those yarn puffs. He especially likes to swat them under furniture and then try, only sometimes successfully, to pull them back out.

Ollie in mid yawn. He’s not screaming, though it looks like it. Each has picked their favorite human on their own. Sly is a Momma’s boy and Ollie is my guy.

This looks like a Frankenstein cat creation. Since our middle cat Curry has long been called The Kitten, we call our new members The Littles to differentiate them from The Bigs.

Wouldn’t we all like to be able to sleep like a kitten?

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