TP-Link Wifi Extender Light Woes

My new TP-Link wifi extender works great at extending the range of our home wifi setup. The home office downstairs unfortunately resides in a wifi dead spot given where our AT&T wifi access point had to be located. It’s inexpensive and easy to set up.

An unexpected feature of the device was its blindingly bright “night light”.  The blue LED status indicators on the face of the unit filled a darkened room with an spooky blue glow.   My wife kept unplugging the unit from the wall at bedtime because it was bright enough to disturb her sleep.

The location chosen was ideal from a networking perspective. Moving it to another location where its light would not be troublesome was not an option.  I could find no source of information on how to dim or turn off the lights.  So what to do?

When all technical solutions fail it’s time to turn to the simple, mechanical responses. I cut out part of a business card and covered the LED’s. Success? Not really. The light was still too bright! An application of two additional business card layers taped over the light now lets us sleep in peace.  And now I can also use the computer downstairs to get nearly the same throughput as I would upstairs.

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