The Move

It’s been a while now, but Penny and I are officially Californians now. About a month ago we made the move from Austin, TX to Oakland, CA. The reasons for the move are really quite complex and drawn out – a boring story really. Certainly we had never expected to leave Texas right up until summer of last year when wheels were set into motion. Things took on a life of their own and here we are.

We’re settling in to the way things are here fairly well but things are still new enough to us that we can’t help but compare them to the “normal” way of doing things in Texas. The cats are mostly used to the new surroundings though Gigi does not like the smaller living area since that means closer proximity to the other cats. Our two day driving adventure with the cats in the back of our two cars actually went very well. Much better than expected.

One thing that we really like about Norther California is the abundance of hiking opportunities. We’ve started to hit the trails in the area and have been documenting some of them on Hiking Trailhead.

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